Information Week eBook: Planning Your Digital Transformation Roadmap

Here’s how to steer your enterprise in the right direction to gain all the benefits that breakthrough tools and systems have to offer.

Strategies for Success

The real challenge for IT leaders planning to reinvent and advance their enterprises lies in transforming fundamental elements, including company culture, workflows, and processes. Addressing and resolving these issues will ensure that a business transformation initiative will succeed competitively and financially.

What is in this ebook:

  • Tackling Cloud Transformation Choices
  • Business Leaders Still Struggling to Cope
  • Align DevOps with Your PaaS Strategy
  • What is iPaaS and Why is it Becoming the Foundation for Digital Transformation?

As organizations look to best leverage resources – human capital and data alike – iPaaS is emerging as a foundational component in tech strategies. It’s critical that the iPaaS platform you choose is easy to use, own and operate – with a centralized library of connectors, quick connector creation and a visual flow builder that does not require deep technical expertise. As it continues to grow in popularity, iPaaS will become the foundation of all digital transformation strategies.

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