Improve IT Maturity in K-12 Districts with Better ITSM & Project Management Tools

Improving IT Maturity in K-12 Districts

It’s no secret that most K-12 technology departments are stretched thin, and this affects how well schools can implement and support new classroom technologies. According to the latest TeamDynamix K-12 Pulse Study, 45% of K-12 technology leaders say they don’t have enough personnel to support the EdTech assets they’ve already purchased—never mind trying to support new systems and devices. This white paper explores what it means to develop IT maturity in K-12 education five key elements of a more mature approach to IT management.

Topics Covered:

  • Envisioning Your IT Department as a Strategic Partner
  • Five Key Indicators of IT Maturity
  • Improved Service for Students and Faculty
  • IT Service Management—First Steps
  • K-12 IT By the Numbers
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