IT Service Management
in the Public Sector eRepublic Market Study

100 Public Sector IT Leaders Sound Off: Key Challenges & Opportunities in IT Service Delivery

When it comes to IT maturity, state and local governments are still looking for ways to improve ITSM technology and process for better end-user support.

Key Findings: Only 7% percent of governments recently surveyed by eRepublic rank their IT service desk as very mature – meaning they are fully optimized and offering best-in-class service delivery.

The majority, 54% of respondents, say their IT service desk ranks as either not mature (no standard processes or automation) or somewhat mature (some standard processes and automation, but not much).

What is in the Public Sector IT Service Management Market Study?:

  • Key challenges including lack of resources & a need for automation
  • Opportunities for better response time with self-service adoption
  • A Drive for enterprise integration and workflow

Also included is an inside look at IT Service Delivery in Oklahoma City. In Oklahoma City, Business Systems Manager Dusty Borchardt credits well-defined processes and a solid ITSM for the city’s success in the modernization of the IT Service Desk. “The feedback we’ve gotten is that everyone loves TeamDynamix,” Borchardt said. “This is the first IT Service Management platform we’ve implemented that everyone loves to use.”

With about 100 people providing IT service for more than 5,000 city employees, the IT department needs to work efficiently. TeamDynamix has allowed them to do so by streamlining the delivery of IT service through automated workflows. “TeamDynamix has brought simplicity to our operations,” Borchardt said. Using tools within the platform, Oklahoma City IT staff have created a self-service portal linked to an expanding knowledge base.

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