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Enterprise Integration Playbook:
Saving Time with iPaaS

How to get days back in your year
using integration and automation.

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Finding an iPaaS platform that fits your company's unique needs is critical to maximizing your integration and automation efforts. With all the options available, you might be stuck scratching your head — But My Tools Already Integrate with Systems, Why Do I Need Another? Is this sustainable?

Imagine, instead, you have a single integration platform with a library of connectors to all of your enterprise systems. You can quickly move data and build workflows all in one place.

Get our iPaaS playbook to learn:

  • 6 flows to power your enterprise integration
  • How to make better decisions with all data
  • Reduce time recruiters spend on non-value tasks
  • Automating complex onboarding processes
  • Reduce time IT spends on non-value tasks
  • Using sentiment analysis to route IT service tickets
  • PO & invoice routing

iPaaS - Data Integration and Enterprise Workflow

Jump start digital transformation with a codeless integration and workflow platform that includes out-of-the-box connectors to popular systems like Salesforce, Workday, Office365, DocuSign, Active Directory, Azure, Amazon Web Services, and more. With iPaaS you can easily build workflows using a codeless visual flow builder and watch automation take off.

Prebuilt Connectors

Connect to the systems used every day or quickly build new connectors. Understand and use APIs with confidence; and simplify, centralize and secure connections. Reduce integration building time by up to 90%.

API Management

Gain better control over these integration points to improve security and user controls. A solution designed to help you with API management while also providing tools to create integrations and workflows.

Codeless Visual Flow Builder

A flow builder interface that presents a visual language that produces user-generated code. Use the visual flow builder to grab data elements and trigger action while efficiently managing and testing workflows.

Data Management

Working with data from multiple platforms creates incompatibility. Pull data together through connectors – harmonizing and transforming it – so it can flow back and forth between systems and across workflows.

Super Charge Service Management

Take enterprise service management to a new level. Rather than have requests dead end to a queue, implement iPaaS to take action in real-time.

Monitor and take action - 24/7/365

Request points to specific data elements needed. The system passes this data to the particular automation routine. Data transformation is facilitated with ease as automation routines call on each connector.

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