Market Study:
State of ITSM & ESM 2022

A new era for Service management; automation emerges to supercharge ITSM, eliminating repetitive, mundane tasks.

Supercharge ITSM with Automation:

As we look forward, enterprise integration and automation are going to fundamentally change how organizations think about service management. Most service organizations are spinning their wheels when dealing with procedural and repetitive ITSM tasks like user management, onboarding/offboarding, name updates, and so on.

Approximately 52% handle these manually. Another 38% have implemented automation, but only through a patchwork of scripts and APIs. Just 10% of organizations say they’re able to leverage an integration and workflow platform to handle these tasks automatically.

Low Maturity Could be Costing the IT Service Desk Time & Money:

  • Only 8% of organizations operate with a very high level of maturity where their ITSM technology is fully optimized
  • The heavy reliance on IT to administer ITSM systems tops all challenges, which was named by 44% of respondents
  • A lack of automation was the second most challenge burdening teams, which was named by 41% of organizations
  • Additionally, 36% of organizations said one of their biggest challenges was in integration and workflow management


Download this market study to benchmark against your peers and to gain a better view into how you can reduce resource drain by introducing codeless integration & automation around ITSM/ ESM.

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