Info-Tech ITSM Quadrant and
Key Customer Viewpoints 2022

ITSM platforms are quickly evolving, download this report to understand key drivers for top of quadrant vendors. Use this guide to help you during your selection process.

From total cost of ownership to functionality to customer support and service, the ITSM market is vast and finding the right solution can feel daunting. The 2022 Info-Tech ranking report offers a unique view of the market based entirely on in-depth customer interviews.

Key Considerations:

Total Cost of Ownership
IT teams are moving towards codeless platforms that can be easily administered without a large team of technical resources.

Full Life-Cycle Service Management
For the IT team, the platform needs to support ITIL, incorporate change management, offer a stellar end-user portal, knowledge management and asset management. However, if you want to roll this out to other groups like HR, Marketing and Facilities, the platform needs to be easy to use, and easy to manage so that ESM does not drain IT resources.

Integration & Automation
Service Management is now tied very closely with enterprise integration and automation; whether it is to adjust user / group permissions, to onboard new employees, or to simple make a name change, being able to trigger workflow and action from the ITSM platform can help.

Download the Info-Tech 2022 ITSM Quadrant and Customer Viewpoint report to gain a better understanding of key vendor strengths and emerging market requirements.

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