Becoming a connected enterprise

Supercharge traditional service management with connectivity and workflow. Smart Service from IT and HR, to Facilities and Marketing. Everyone is on One Platform.

Incidents and Problems

When you run a service desk, you need to have fast routing, the ability to group tickets, and a great communication platform. A highly configurable personal desktop allows technicians to view their work in one place.

Asset Management

Asset Discovery Services and CMDB help you stay on top of replacement costs, refresh cycles, and contract renewals. ITSM with Asset Management allows technicians to be more efficient and accurate in diagnostics and support.

Service Portal & Knowledge Base

A codeless platform means that you can quickly deploy a branded and highly functional support portal. Dramatically reduce call volume with a service catalog, automated routing and a knowledge base that contemplates crowdsourced feedback.

Project Management

You can operate within the ITIL framework, while also adopting best practices in project management. Technicians can view all tickets and project work in one place – click into specific assigned project tasks, watch risk alerts and ticket queue.

Dashboard and Reports

With transparency at the core, IT Service Management (ITSM) allows you to easily build dashboards and reports. Track ticket queues, SLA’s, project tasks, team performance, project risk alerts, key news feeds, and more.

Endpoint Control

It is critical to have a strong antivirus and anti-malware solution, the ability to monitor its effectiveness, and be smart about backup to thwart ransomware attempts, TeamDynamix IT Service Management offers out-of-the-box integrations

How Mature Is Your Platform, Is It Draining Your Resources?

One Platform

IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) belong together. With one platform, you can easily see all of your resources in one place.

No Scripting / No Coding

Easily create workflows and automation to make your life easier. Extend usage for Enterprise Service Management (ESM) without any technical resources.

Ranked #1

Voted #1 ITSM platform in Info-Tech software reviews — top vendor for support, top vendor for emotional footprint - find out why.


“I have my own CIO dashboard. In one look I can see any negative survey and then pivot to look at any project that needs my attention. That’s the wow factor. The pieces coming together in a single pane, for me as a leader to be able to manage and support our organization.“

Frank Fear
CIO, Covenant Health
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