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4 Ways the Public Sector Can Benefit From Integrated Work Management

ITSM for the Public Sector

We all manage projects every day. The headline projects are the ones that we tend to hear about – often led by IT and managed through a project management office (PMO). However, those represent only a portion of the projects that an organization undertakes.

Reduce Drain on IT Team

A single platform approach for enterprise service & project management can reduce the need to manage multiple disjointed platforms.

Improve Workflow

One integrated enterprise service management platform allows work to flow from HR to IT to Facilities without sending information in / out of different platforms.

Be Nimble

One easy-to-use, codeless enterprise service platform means that you can quickly spin up new applications as needed – track activity, support a project, gather and share information.

One Platform

IT Service Management (ITSM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) belong together. With one platform, you can easily see all of your resources in one place.

No Scripting / No Coding

Easily create workflows and automation to make your life easier. Extend usage for Enterprise Service Management (ESM) without any technical resources.

Ranked #1

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Move up to an ITSM platform that reduces headaches and chaos while helping you deliver more value, faster.


“I have my own CIO dashboard. In one look I can see any negative survey and then pivot to look at any project that needs my attention. That’s the wow factor. The pieces coming together in a single pane, for me as a leader to be able to manage and support our organization.“

Frank Fear
CIO, Covenant Health
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